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Mariam Nazarian

Pianist, Pedagogue, Producer, Researcher

Mariam made her Carnegie Hall debut at age 16 as the youngest pianist in Carnegie's history to have performed J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations, BWV 988. Her holistic approach to performance, research, production, and pedagogy, has brought about innovative projects in collaboration with Princeton University's 3D3A Lab and the Berliner Philharmoniker under the direction of Sir Simon Rattle; the Leipzig Bach-Archiv; as well as numerous benefit concerts – produced on behalf of The Scheide Fund (Princeton) and Nazarian Music & Media – that have featured the Monteverdi Choir and English Baroque Soloists under the direction of Sir John Eliot Gardiner; the Vienna, Zurich, and English Chamber Orchestras; Festival Strings Lucerne; Bach-Collegium Stuttgart; and the Philadelphia Orchestra, among many others.

In addition to recording a critically-noted and commercially available CD of Bach's Goldberg Variations, appearing live on radio and television, winning prizes at competitions, and receiving international press recognition (in the Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times, TEEN PEOPLE Magazine, and “D” La Repubblica, among others), Mariam has performed as a recitalist, chamber musician and soloist with orchestras including Bach-Collegium Stuttgart, the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra, and the Boston Pops, in venues including Symphony Hall (Boston), Lincoln Center / Alice Tully Hall (New York), Grand Philharmonic Hall (Saint Petersburg), the Glenn Gould Studio (Toronto), as well as in Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. Mariam has also co-produced guest speaker appearances with Harvard University's Office for the Arts and has served as programming advisor to the Arts Council of Princeton.

She is a frequent contributor to documentary and narrative feature film projects including Philip Kaufman's MESHUGAH, Edoardo Ponti's CRESCENDO, while coaching actors like Elijah Wood in GRAND PIANO to enable successful outcomes in on-screen musical performances. Mariam (a Bösendorfer Artist since 2002) is a graduate of the Mannes College of Music (NYC), Harvard University, and Clare Hall College, University of Cambridge.

"Mariam was able to quickly identify the source of the difficulties I was having with my playing and help me create an effective practice routine to address them. In the course of only a few lessons, I felt that my practice has made a substantial leap."

Zeev (USA)

“Her thinking is disciplined and logical; at the same time she has a lively and productive imagination. Ms. Nazarian is an excellent pianist, highly musical, and with a strong and fluent technique.”

Carl Schachter
Mannes College of Music
The Juilliard School

“Ms. Nazarian is a pianist of refinement and sensibility, and a musician with an acute and inquiring mind. She is furthermore a human being of immense kindness and warmth – an idealist not only within her musical career, but in her societal interaction.”

Robert Levin​
The Juilliard School​
Harvard University

"Mariam is simply the best teacher for students of any age or level the world over. Most highly recommended! I am happy to speak with any prospective student about this extraordinary, most gifted teacher and pianist."   

Jovi (USA)

“[Mariam] is intellectually brilliant, highly cultured, well-read, ethically uncompromising, and a clear and critical thinker […] a unique blend of superb pianist, musical scholar, effective influencer, and productive entrepreneur. She is a true pleasure to work with.”

Edgar Choueiri
3D3A Lab
Princeton University  

“Bright intelligence, sympathetic character […] Quite impressive presentation of Bach’s Goldberg Variations.”

András Schiff

"I don't know what Elijah Wood's actual skill level is on the piano, but the way he fakes it here is nothing short of remarkable[.] It would have been infinitely easier to avoid showing Wood's hands as much as possible, to focus on chest-level shots where we see his arms moving but not which specific keys he's hitting. Instead, [Eugenio] Mira gives us long, unbroken takes of Wood banging away on the keyboard, our view of his hands unobstructed so we can see that what he's playing really could be the music we're hearing. The hand-synching, if that's what you call it -- sure, let's call it hand-synching -- is nearly flawless."

Eric D. Snider (ScreenAnarchy / TwitchFilm)
Review of feature film GRAND PIANO for which Mariam Nazarian provided
piano coaching consultations to Elijah Wood and the filmmakers.

​"For those of you who don't know Mariam well, I want to say some things seriously. She is truly, truly an artist. She was a concert pianist for many years. She is also an extremely dedicated teacher. With our son, she went way above and beyond to take him several levels higher. His piano playing throughout his life will be better because of her."

Mark (USA)

“The range and depth of her portfolio career [as producer-performer-researcher] will be inspirational to young and entrepreneurial students who need more and more to show the versatility Ms. Nazarian’s career illustrates.”

Katharine Ellis
Faculty of Music
University of Cambridge

“Wonderful Mozart player. [Mariam’s cadenzas] were perfectly calibrated for the spirit of [Mozart’s K.482] concerto.”

Scott Burnham
Princeton University

“Her non-stop flow of inventiveness won me over.”

Tom Purdom
Philadelphia Forum

“Most certainly an unusually fine pianist […] gifted person[,]  and also a much broader and active music lover.”

William Scheide
Bach Aria Group

​“Mariam is among the finest players I have heard of the current generation.”

​Robert McDonald​
The Juilliard School​
Curtis Institute of Music

“A very active member of the college community, creating an original and much valued piano workshop for college members and their families. She is an exceptional pedagogue, kind and patient but bringing the highest achievements of the concert hall to her pupils. This pro bono educational initiative was set up by Mariam to welcome piano enthusiasts of all ages, regardless of prior study or ability, and to promote community-building through artistic expression.”

Trudi Tate
Clare Hall
University of Cambridge

“Perfect technique […] great sensibility. Mariam Nazarian succeeded in interpreting [Bach’s Goldberg Variations] with a perfect clarity of reading and a musicality worthy of applause. We must admire the authority with which [Schumann’s Carnaval, Op. 9] was played[,] in a deep and vigorously expressive interpretation. The pianist is a brilliant promise of the piano.”

Joaquin Aranda
Heraldo De Aragon

“Prodigiously talented.”

James Oestreich
The New York Times

“She plays with great precision and a very wide dynamic range, in perfect control from the most subtle pianissimo to the loudest fortissimo; [while] her rhythm is relentlessly exact[,] her acute musical sensitivity makes the narrative flow calmly, logically, with balance and harmony – perhaps, the same as that which the composer desired in his greatest dream, in his unattainable "quasi" illusion.”

José Manuel Montañés
“RITMO” Magazine: Música Clásica y Discos

"[Her] touch is light, delicate, and measured, much more in keeping with the intended harpsichord. […] This is a winner and a keeper for me. I'm playing it in my living room! The world is richer for Nazarian’s having made this recording." 

Marvin Ward
Classical Voice North America
Journal of the Music Critics’ Association of America
Review of Mariam Nazarian’s commercially released CD of J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations, BWV 988

“She has a pleasing sound without harshness. Her performance [Carnegie Hall] was a tour de force.”

Elaine Strauss
Classical New Jersey

“[Mariam is] a talented, organized, and focused producer and promoter.” 

Robert Kraft
Kraftbox Entertainment
Fox Music

“The concert yesterday [featuring John Eliot Gardiner & Monteverdi Choir] was all goosebumps and tears for me. I don't think I have ever been so deeply affected in the concert hall. I am profoundly grateful for the miracle workers who made it happen, YOU first among them. Thanks so much, Mariam!”

Scott Burnham
Princeton University

“At her age she is one of the finest you would hear anywhere.”

Mark Mostovoy
The Philadelphia Inquirer 

“A fine pianist and a truly excellent musician […] very impressive both technically and musically. Her fugue writing [is] excellent and indicates an unusual level of musical understanding and sensitivity. [Nazarian] plays with considerable fluency and taste, being especially adept at extemporary ornamentation.”

Robert Cuckson
Mannes College of Music
Curtis Institute of Music 


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